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Dream Luxury Tanzania Safaris - Lion in Serengeti

The Epitome of
African Safari.

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Our love for Wildlife is Unrivaled. Our dedication to conservation is
Our passion for quality is Unquestionable, and Our Pursuit of Perfection is Unlimited.
Your Dream Luxury Tanzania Safari
is a click away. 

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Amara Safari

 The epitome of luxury and adventure

in the heart of Africa.

With a commitment to providing unrivaled safari experiences,

we aim to create unforgettable journeys through the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife-rich ecosystems of Africa.

From the moment you embark on your safari with us, you can expect a seamless blend of opulence, personalized service, and extraordinary encounters with nature.

Our foremost objective is to offer

an unparalleled level of luxury to our clients. We strive to surpass expectations by providing sumptuous accommodations, exceptional service, and lavish amenities throughout your safari experience in Africa.

Serengeti Migration | Tanzania Luxury Safari

Unforgettably Wild

The Serengeti plains harbor the largest remaining unaltered animal migration in the world!

The phenomenon whereby over one million wildebeest, plus

hundreds of thousands of other ungulates engage in a 1,000 km long annual circular trek, spanning the two adjacent countries of

Tanzania and


Enjoy this incredible spectacle in one of our Tanzania safari tours.

AMARA Safari - Kudu in the Serengeti, Tanzania | Luxury Tanzania Safaris
Luxury Safari Lodge in Tanzania

Awe-Inspiring Wild


Safaris are

what we make of them, and  we've chosen to  make them luxury! 


but thoughtfully luxurious, our exclusive-use of Private Villas, Luxury Lodges and state of the art accommodations are enchanting getaways into Africa’s ancient calm and its unique thrills. 

Enjoy world-class facilities, gourmet dining, and personalized service, ensuring truly luxury experience.

Cheetah in Serengeti Playing in the tree captured during Tanzania Safari


African Map | Amara Safari

Africa often feels like tourism’s best-kept secret, with it's all magnificent and majestic scenery.

Nothing in this continent is ordinary, Africa is simply exceptional.

Natural, Untamed, Beautiful! 

Come, let's explore Africa, together. We'll show you the best it has to offer. We believe that these attributes are purely set to guaranteeing unforgettable

and memorable safari experience

Luxury African Safari - Game Drives in Serengeti

Best of Africa's Top Sites

Expeditions to all

East & South Africa's finest exotic safari destinations, Historical and Archeological site visits, Luxury Lodging & Camping,

Mountain Climbing and Gorillas Trekking , Cultural Tourism,  Beach Vacations and more.

What We Do

We aim at maximizing your wildlife safari experience through offering exceptional, high quality,

luxury, and tailor-made safari packages at friendly, fair, and decent rates

so that you can enjoy your African safari, hassle-free!

Luxury Safari lodge in Madikwe Reserve | South Africa | Amara Safari

Why Travel With

Amara Safari


Our prior knowledge of our African safari destinations marks our

ability to deliver the best and  

top quality services, for absolute  value.

We know and have excellent connections with our

luxury lodges partners &



This is our land, our heritage,

our pride. We will share it with

the world to the best of our ability. Our commitment to conserving it is our dedication to the


Every safari booked sends a contribution to conservation



Our driving force is the passion

we have for nature.

It has pushed us beyond limits to put together a team of

safari experts to fulfill a long-lasting quest to explore


motherland in luxury

and style.

Our Clients Say

Our safari in Tanzania and Kenya

could not have been any better with Amara Safari. We booked a 16 days luxury trip from Amsterdam (they arranged our flights too) to Kilimanjaro on the 2nd of May 2023, and we arrived early on the 3rd June, 2023.


The planning was a bit hectic since we planned

to go to the South America this year, but due to restrictions on the on our passports and everything in Brazil, we decided why not going to Africa.

We read many reviews on Tanzania entrance rules and

we decided to take our chance on that. We are absolutely grateful that we decided that because Tanzania is like a hassle-free country!

We would like to absolutely recommend Amara Safari for all they did for us throughout our stay in Tanzania and Kenya. Best moments ever.

– Hannah Klaas | 23rd June, 2023. Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱

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