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We know luxury African Travel more than anything else, here are some of the best & expert's travel advice you can get.

6 Best Safari Destinations for 2024/25

While the years 2022/23 were an unprecedented and the future of travel remained uncertain by then, we’ve picked out some promising trends in planning for future safari in Africa.

One thing is certain that, health and safety will be top of mind when travelling in 2024. We are seeing that travellers are cautious and planning single destination holidays to avoid multiple connecting flights at different international airports, numerous customs facilities, crowded places, and sundry health and safety protocols.

The best African safari destinations for 2024/25 will be the countries that can offer visitors more than just game viewing. Countries like Tanzania and Kenya should top the lists of places to go on safari because they can deliver a variety of experiences from seeing incredible wildlife, enjoying world-class services and cuisine to basking on exquisite beaches (Zanzibar) – without crossing international borders.

An African safari is not only one of the best ways you can travel in 2024/25 because of the direct impact your trip has on protecting wildlife, conserving habitats, employing people in rural communities, and educating children across Africa. It has also been one of the safest. And as we settle into the ‘new normal’, safari will be one of the safest ways to travel anywhere in the world.

As of now, our staff, guides and everyone involved in carrying out safari activities in Africa, are fully vaccinated and

take all necessary precautionary measures to keep safe.

Luxury Safari Lodge | Singita Serengeti House


The Ultimate Bush-to-Beach Destination 

Safari happens almost everywhere you look in Tanzania. It’s been a way of life here for decades. Few destinations in Africa can rival Tanzania's sheer diversity of wildlife and landscapes.


From the never-ending savannah of the Serengeti to the beaches and coral reefs of tropical Zanzibar, a luxury Tanzania safari delivers one fascinating experience after another.

The country was one of the first on the continent to reopen for international travelers and offers some of the most visitor-friendly  entry requirements for African safari tours

in 2025.

South Africa - Morukuru Lodge

South Africa

When it comes to complete holiday destinations in Africa, South Africa is seriously tough to beat. The country offers its visitors a plethora of unique experiences and arguably the best tourism infrastructure network on the continent.


Daily commercial flights link all its major cities, while chartered airplanes can easily get you to safari lodges that have their own private airstrips. From Big 5 safaris at luxurious lodges and the world’s best land-based whale watching to gastronomic delights

amid magnificent rolling vineyards, South Africa has it all and then some.

Plus, you can crown your South Africa safari with some well-deserved R&R along the country’s stunning coastline.



The Safari Original Country

Kenya is very likely to deliver some of the best African safaris in 2021. The country offers visitor-friendly  entry requirements and a trip for every type of traveller.


From unforgettable family safaris with child-friendly activities to exclusive hideaways for couples and honeymooners, there’s not much that beats a Kenya safari.


The standards of service are high and Kenya’s top destinations offer luxury African safari accommodation ranging from lavish, colonial-style lodges to contemporary boutique hotels and authentic tented camps.

Breakfast at the Bush - Zambia Safaris


Although a visit to the world-renowned grandeur of Victoria Falls should be on everyone’s Zambia safari itinerary, it’s the country’s hidden gem locations that are among some of Africa’s most underrated safari destinations.


Zambia is home to an alluring network of national parks that are often less visited than their counterparts in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania. The country boasts some of Africa's wildest and most remote corners, but you'll be far from roughing it on a Zambia safari. You can enjoy sensational big game viewing accompanied by some of the best safari guides in the business, while staying at luxury African safari lodges and camps.


A long-time favourite among safari connoisseurs, Zambia doesn’t attract the crowds that cluster around sightings in the better-known parks of Africa. 



There are only about 900 mountain gorillas left on Earth and trekking into their native forests is the only way to see these critically endangered primates, as they cannot survive in


No other wildlife encounter can rival sitting with endangered gorillas in their natural habitat and observing the fascinating family dynamics of our ancient relatives.


The emerald rainforests of Uganda are incredible destinations for gorilla trekking – the continent’s most powerful wildlife experience – and the country’s trekking permits are among the most affordable in Africa.

Plus, Uganda offers the chance to augment your gorilla trekking experience with one-of-a-kind chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park as well as fantastic game viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Squirell - Botswana


Choose a Botswana vacation package and experience a traditional big game wildlife safari in one of Africa’s top destinations. The evergreen jewel of the Okavango Delta is at the heart of Botswana’s safari attractions, flanked in the east by the rolling savannah of the Savuti and the teeming elephant paradise of the Chobe.

South of the delta lie the far-flung stretches of the Makgadikgadi saltpans and the semi-desert grasslands of the Kalahari. Go on guided game drives, nature walks, river cruises, canoe trips or explore on horseback to make the most of Botswana's legendary wildlife.


Africa is full of wonderful sites and incredible safari destinations and above are just some of the best.

However, the following should also be in your consideration...

  • RWANDA - Top Reason to Visit: Scenery, Wildlife and safari, Gorilla trekking, Cultural interactions, Bird watching.

  • MAURITIUSTop Reason to Visit: Scenery, Beaches, Diving and snorkelling.

  • NAMIBIA -Top Reason to Visit:   Scenery, Wildlife and safari, Self-drive, Hot air ballooning, Cultural interactions.

  • ZIMBABWE -Top Reason to Visit:    Scenery, Wildlife and safari, Private concessions and conservancies.

Luxury Lodge in Namibia

Best Luxury Camps, Hotels and Lodges in Tanzania

When visiting Tanzania, you can be wild by day and civilized by night thanks to camps and lodges that couple unrivaled wildlife experiences with modern-day comforts and city-worthy food and wine.


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